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Student Ethics Survey
What is ethical?
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What is ethical?


The Ethics Survey


Are you ethical? Are you moral? Do you care?

1.Tobacco advertising is ethical.


2.Law enforcement ethics are on the decline.


3.Current generations should be held accountable for actions of previous generations.


4.It is ethical to test human consumer products on animals.


5.Any organization, public or private, should be held accountable for pollution in the environment..


6.It is ethical for managers to vary disciplinary action individually even though violations may be the same.


7.It is ethical to hire less qualified applicants to meet government-mandated regulations of hiring fairness.


8.Cheating can be ethical.


9.The termination of an unwanted pregnancy is ethical.


10Assisted suicide by a medical professional for the terminally ill is ethical.


11.Capital punishment (the state taking the life of a convicted killer) is ethical..


12.It is ethical to withhold information about a criminal act committed by a relative to keep them out of jail.


13.It is ethical to pay less than minimum wage to employees willing to accept lower hourly wages.


14.The more fortunate of society have an ethical obligation to clothe and feed the poor and hungry.


15.Most businesses in general, compromise ethical conduct to maximize profits.


16.America is on the verge of moral collapse.


17.Corporate, government and individual ethics are on the decline in America.


18.It is ethical for parents to spank their children.


19.It is ethical for a rape victim to have an abortion.


20.Ethics should be a required subject and taught in all schools, including college.


21.A child?s character education is the responsibility of the parents.


22.A child?s character education is the responsibility of their teachers.


23.A child?s character education is the responsibility of adults (friends of the family, church members).


24.A child?s character education is the responsibility of their Church.


25.Random Drug testing for job placement and continuation on the job is ethical.


26.One does not have to be a Good Samaritan to be ethical.


27.It is ethical for Americans to pay reparations to historically oppressed American ethnic groups.


28.There is a universal, unwritten code of ethics that transcends all religions and nations for all everywhere.


29.Most people are ethical.


30.Every adult of sound mind, knows the difference between right and wrong.


31.All life begins at conception.


32.People who have done well in life have an ethical obligation to look after and help others less fortunate.


33 I am over 18.

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