Entrepreneurship - Freedom - Ethics

CEFE Fellows Outreach


CEFE, the Center for Entrepreneurship, Freedom and Ethics initiates and develops education research and progam-training for individuals and institutions. Multiple education opportunities include training in Entrepreneurship, Freedom, and Ethics individually and collectively. Created in 1996 as part of a doctoral research project by Dr. Fred DiUlus at the Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, OH - the Center was formally established as the first cyber-based non profit education and training institution in America offering Fellowships to those willing to give of there time, talent and treasure to help eliminate ignorance and poverty through online education and training.

CEFE supports the ideals of the international outreach through its mission known as the BILLION DOLLAR PROJECT, a global effort, to undertake, promote and expand international awareness and self-help opportunities to crush global ignorance. CEFE's Mission promotes international economic development at the grass roots level, starting with individuals and their families.